Shipping Agency

At Credential, we provide a complete range of services related to your shipping needs. Here's what we offer.

We at Credential Ship Services work as an agent for consistently delivering the services with an aim to deliver much beyond the expectation of the customer. We believe in providing the best possible services to our customer at all times within the time frame, never faulting with the procedure, rules and regulations set by the UAE Law. We have an excellent rapport and longstanding relationship with the competent authorities. We act as Owners Agent, Charterers agents, and Protecting Agents without compromising any party’s interest. We provide Husbandry Services, Marine Class survey assistance, Garbage Disposal with official certificate, Fresh Water, Bunker supply assistance, Cargo Document preparations, CTM and all the services relating to crew change viz., local transportation, hotel accommodation, Ticketing, Visa processing, and Medical assistance .

All these services are conducted under our own “Credential” banner.