Technical Services

At Credential, we provide a complete range of services related to your shipping needs. Here's what we offer.


Underwater Hull Cleaning / Inspection

We have a team of divers who specialize in underwater repairs and inspections who provide hull cleaning services when the ship is docked. Utilizing the best equipment for the hull cleaning, we continuously train and upgrade our taskforce as well as equipment to give you quick and reliable services safely.


Tank Cleaning

Tankers carry a wide variety of chemicals or oils, and often one batch is never similar to the next. This requires complete cleaning of the tank before the next batch is loaded and transshipped. Utilizing the best technology for tank cleaning along with environment friendly chemicals and complying with the most stringent safety measures, we provide tank cleaning services.


Servicing and Calibrating of Measuring Equipment

We assist servicing/calibrating of all marine measuring equipment. The service offered is both efficient and professional with a quick turnaround. We also offer technical support to the customers for a variety of instruments for calibration onboard.


Servicing and Testing of Navigation / Radio-Communication Equipment

We have a professional team of Engineers and Technicians trained on various Bridge Equipment, who are capable of providing quality service at shortest given time. Our years of experience and qualified team have provided us with the confidence and capability to service any make and type of navigation & communication equipment. We assure our customers the services at the shortest notice to meet the industry demands.
Our services include but not limited to the below:  Navigation
AIS (Automatic Identification System)
Radar X and S Band
Anemometers Analogue ,Digital & Ultrasonic
ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System)
Echo sounders
GMDSS Radio Survey
Fish Finders
GMDSS & Other Radio Equipment
Integrated Bridges systems
Marine Hand Held Radios
Marine Satellite Communication Systems and VSAT
Marine Stabilized TV Antennas
Various Interfaces
Marine Electrical and Automation:
Our name is well-known in the marine industry for our absolute services and making our dealings simple and straightforward as far as possible. We are specialized in installation, servicing, voyage repairs, retrofit, conversions and dry docking activities associated with all classes of Ocean going vessels consisting of Supply vessels, Liners, Break-Bulk Cargo vessels,Product Carriers, Chemical carriers, LNG Carriers, Crude oil Carriers, Oceanography & Research Vessels.
Our services include but not limited to the below: Automation
Fire Detection Systems  
Pneumatic Control Systems
Cargo Control & I.G. Systems
Engine Room Bilge Alarm Systems
Pump Room Temperature Monitoring System
Engine Control, Safety and Protection Systems
Boiler Control and Burner Management Systems
Gas Analysers and Pump Room Gas Monitoring Systems
AIS & SSAS System and Engine Efficiency Monitoring Systems
Oily Water Separator and Bilge Oil Content Monitors
Navigation, Public Address and Intercom System
Intrinsically Safe Bilge Alarm for Pump Room
Marine Approved Communication Systems
COT HI & HI-HIGH Alarm Systems
Engine Manoeuvring Systems
Tank Level Gauging Systems
Fixed Gas Detection System

Calibration and Thermographic testing

We have an environmentally controlled calibration facility to calibrate all measuring, controlling, testing & inspection tools and instruments, control valves and safety valves. Calibration
Our customers can be sure of the highest degree of measurement accuracy, reducing measurement uncertainties. Our experts  have many years of experience in the industry covering all types of meter calibration together with a wide range of international measurement reference standards. We are experts in enhancing the product line through continuous technological advances. Thermographic Testing in various divisions are accompanied with the help of our well experienced technicians and testing devices.
Calibration carried out in the Laboratory
Electrical and Electronic Measuring Instruments
Portable Ullage Temperature Interface Detector (UTI)
Pressure & Vacuum Measuring Devices (Indicators, Transmitters & Controllers)
Temperature Measuring Instruments (Indicators, Transmitters & Controllers)
Personal, Portable and Fixed gas Detection
Length Measuring Instruments
Control & Safety Valves
Food Industry Instruments
Pharmaceutical Industry Instruments
Chemical & Biological Instruments
Tank Gauging Instruments
Humidity Measurements
Torque Wrenches
Mass and Weighing Instruments 

Fire and Safety

Fire and safety division caters to Maritime, Off-Shore, On - Shore and Inland industries. We have one of the most diverse and experienced teams in the Fire and Safety Industry. With our continuous efforts in Research and Development, we provide solutions to our client’s needs including new competitive products. A full turn-key service is available for small to large Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression system applications.
Our employees are qualified Engineers for system design, procurement, installation, commissioning, approval and after sales services for the following :
Repair Testing and Certification of CO2 Systems, Fire Extinguishers etc.
Repair Testing and Certification of BA sets, EEBD etc.
Installation and Commissioning of CO2 Systems
Testing and Certification of Medical Oxygen
Installation and Commissioning of Fire Alarm Systems
Supply of new BA and EEBDs
Supply of Marine Approved Fire Alarm Systems
Hydrostatic Pressure Testing and Re-filling of Cylinders
Air Quality Analysis for Breathing air compressor
Fresh Water Analysis
Foam Sample Analysis
SCBA Air Quality Test and Certification.
Foam Test and Certification.
A highly skilled service team equipped with all advanced tools and equipment, workshop floor and mobilization facilities to carry out round-the-clock services in minimum time, cost effective and international standards.

Mechanical Division

• Repairing of all kind of rotary equipments.
• Main/Auxiliary engine repairs.
• Overhauling of pumps, safety valves, anchor winches.
• Boiler repairing, testing and refurbishment.

Machine Shops

• Precision mechanical components manufacturing.
• Re-building of any ship/machinery spares.
• Engine rebuilding and machining of cylinder heads, valve seats, pressure testing, crank shaft grinding, and in-line boring, metal build-up and MPI repairing on engine accessories.


• Hydraulic Pumps (Gear pumps, Vane pumps, Radial Piston pumps, etc.)
• Pressure testing & Certification of all types of hydraulic equipment
• Hydraulic Motor (Vane motors, Staffa motors, Gear motors, etc.)
• Directional Control Valves and other related Valves
• Hydraulic Jacks & Cylinders of all sizes
• Hydraulic Lifts & Hatches
• Repair & Maintenance of Grabs, Clamp Shovels and other on-shore loading equipment.

Marine Engineering


Marine Engineering


Elevator – Testing and Certification

We are specialised in Marine Elevator Service (all brands and types). We are reliable, act immediately and are there when you need us; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide. It is our business to keep your marine elevator in an excellent working condition. And if your marine elevator does breakdown, we will make sure to have it up and running in the shortest possible time.

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Navigation and Communication Equipment




Electrical, Automation and Instrumentation