Why Us?

Helping Clients Overcome Common Challenges

At Credential Ship Services, we understand just how competitive the marketplace is for our clients. In far too many instances, companies have to coordinate with a variety of different suppliers, as they receive underwater cleaning services from one supplier, provisions from another, and safety equipment from an entirely different vendor – and so on, on down the line. To add to the frustration, each of those suppliers often has its own standards for product and service quality, timeliness of delivery, and customer service.

We are committed to providing the high-quality, customized services those clients need to help every client avoid those common challenges. Our goal is always to provide you with the ethical service you deserve, with your ultimate profitability and satisfaction in mind.

How Can We Help You?

Our solution is elegantly simple. With our worldwide network of services, we’re able to maintain a global presence that helps us to serve the finest vessels in the world. Our world-class team has the experience and expertise needed to deliver your ship supplies to your vessels on time, and even when supplies are out of stock, we locate what you need in the timeliest manner possible. Best of all, we enable you to avoid multiple suppliers by providing all of these critical services under one roof – brought to you by a team that works hard every day to ensure that we meet and exceed all your highest expectations.

Resolution – Strive for Excellence!

We never settle for less than our best – and you shouldn’t either! We consistently strive to expand our business networks to ensure that we are able to anticipate the needs of today and tomorrow, with strategies like:
• Consistent coordination of business plans
• An emphasis on sustainable strategic plans
• A focus on identifying market needs and requirements
• Long-term strategies devoted to advancing into new markets
• A firm commitment to offering the most effective and consolidated services
• Complete dedication to maintaining our company’s reputation for fulfilling its promises, providing the best services, and sustaining profitability for ourselves and our clients